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Huge success with our first kickstarter!

We, at Dark Fantastic Mills, launched our first offering to the wargames scenery market with a fully 3D printed Chaos Citadel available as STL files.

The kickstarter was a huge success, raising £33,000, unlocking 46 stretch goals and over 100 modular parts. We will be delivering files and physical copies to our backers over the next few months.

What is Chaos Citadel?

Across worlds, realms and lands we are seeing an ominous happening, steam venting from the earth, ground shaking, cracking, and the sound of hammering.

Seemingly overnight huge metal walls, shaped into reinforced blades are appearing from heat rifts in the very bedrock.

No one knows from where they came, these battlements are just the start of what is being called the Chaos Citadel.

What was in the Kickstarter?

Our range of tabletop gaming STL files for you to print at home will on Kickstarter.

  • Battlements – walls, towers, gates, and platforms.
  • Fighting Pits – training the best fighters, gamble and decide their fate in this chaos arena.

These come together to build either individual skirmish or gaming tables or the ultimate Chaos Capital.

Who are Dark Fantastic Mills?

We have been making gaming scenery for over 5 years and have shipped over 30,000 pieces to gamers around the planet. We know how to design and make a great piece of terrain, that will print well on your FDM printer. We are gamers too, so we know what players want from their gaming experience.

Cinematic tables that match the wonderful armies you choose to fight with.

Learn how we paint our printed scenery